February 18, 2016

Interesting Travel And Vacation Destinations Ideas

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Highly Accessible Vacation Spots You’ll Love To Travel To

Melbourne, Australia:
Melbourne boasts easy accessibility as a travel destination, with wheelchair-friendly public transportation, restaurants, and theaters. Special needs and traditional tourist alike may experience Melbourne’s beautiful parks, from small parks that come into development each year, to larger park locations and zoos. The Great Ocean Road permits gorgeous views of the Australian sights whilst keeping full accessibility for its tourists in mind.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Its Mayan ruins and archaeological sites are some of the best preserved in the world.
The tour guides in the area are actually worth it, because there is a real story behind the place. Your tour guides will be able to tell you what everything is, why it exists and what it means. For this spot, that is the real treasure, knowing why.
The hotels are well within walking distance to many of the attractions and Mayan sites, ideal for any visitor.

Off the Map (…Barely)
North Hamgyong Province, North Korea
Truly one of the most harsh and unyielding Communist regimes in the modern world, North Korea is not high on most tourists’ lists of ideal vacation spots. This, however, does not stop a tenacious handful of travelers from journeying to the capital Pyongyang, and to sites and attractions pre-approved for tourists. It is a destination of little romance but much intrigue for those capable enough to jump through the extensive red tape just to enter this infamous country.
It’s a pain to travel to, but worth it. You’ll never see a culture like this anywhere else.

Rub’ al-Khali, Saudi Arabia
If it is solitude and sand you seek as an adventurous traveler, the vast, flowing sand dunes of the Rub’ al-Khali desert are a perfect destination. Traversing across the desert takes at least 40 days on some routes, and the heat and dryness are perfect for more seasoned trekkers.
The tip to desert travel is to create your own shade. This means those desert hats your see with the flaps on them are there for a reason, they actually save your skin.
This is a beautiful region not to be missed.

Creatures in Their Lands of Fantasy
Romania – Den of the Werewolf
If the large, wild wolves of Romania weren’t enough to strike unease into the hearts of travelers, Romania’s history of myths and tales of the terrifying vârcolac (werewolf) should be.
Peasants and farmers in centuries past took every precaution against these mythical humanoid beasts to protect their cattle and families. Much wariness towards wolves lingers in Romania today, as their legends run deep in their blood.

The Coastal Region Of Mexico – Home of the Kraken
In Mexico and the seas from Central America to South America, the kraken has as much basis in reality as in legend. The giant Humboldt squid have been known to nibble on fishermen and sea-farers, feeding into fears and imagination until the island-sized kraken was borne of these tales, with an insatiable taste for human meat.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda
Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

Wondrous Wildlife
Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda
This diverse, animal rich, and landscape intense park is the safari you’ve always imagined when thinking of the animal species, savannahs, swamps, and grasslands of the African continent.
There are vast stretches of land through which one can safari, and experience lions basking in the sun, hippos lumbering peacefully through a shallow stream, and the hundreds of bird flocks from the some 600 species present in the park.
The Kazinga Channel also offers a look at the reptilian and amphibian wildlife, rounding out the African experience with a wet and wild boat safari.

The Beginnings of Genius
Salzburg, Austria
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a genius of the orchestra, clarinet, piano, flute, and countless other instruments, and had his humble beginnings in the city of Salzburg. The city boasts its Mozart Museum, built in the three story home that Mozart himself lived in with his family throughout his childhood. Much of Mozart’s personal belongings augment the museum’s collection, such as original scratch sheet music, letters, and his own personal instruments.
This is a true treasure for the music buff, you won’t be disappointed.

Tuscany, Italy
Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most powerful, creative, and intriguing minds of history – from his artworks to his scientific writings and designs to his personal life, he was never a boring man. His home village of Tuscany holds beautiful remembrances of his great mind, with museums that display some of his works, personal items, writings, and other da Vinci curiosities.

Iona, Scotland
Iona, Scotland

Peace and Quiet
Iona, Scotland
Historically, this rocky, hilly area of the Inner Hebrides has been known for its monks and the scriptures and writings they penned. Now, it is a wondrous treat of early religious structures in Scotland. Ancient monasteries scatter the hillsides, open to tourists and Christian retreat-ists alike. The main site for the area is: http://www.welcometoiona.com  It’s a pretty sparsely populated area. But, one that’s truly relaxing.

Vipassana Meditation Retreat, India
The country at the center of Buddhism, India, is rich with locations for spiritual insight, self-searching, and simply being on one’s own in silence and meditation. Vipassana offers all of these things in the form of silent meditation retreats, where Buddhists and spiritual searchers alike can meditate, engage in vegetarian meals, and enjoy the beautiful city life.

Bed ‘n Breakfast
Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA
As the name implies, this small inn in Cottonwood, Idaho is perfect for dog-lovers in search of a simple place to chow down and spend the night. Most items in the inn are ‘dog-themed’ – from the cushions, the food, the beds, and carpet. The owners also specialize in chainsaw carving and offer their intricate works to customers as souvenirs – in the shapes of different breeds of dogs, of course.

Dino Snores – National History Museum, London, UK
Have you ever wanted to slumber in the shadow of a fifty foot tyrannosaurus skeleton, or dose off to the sight of a stegosaurus’ massive jaw agape in front of you? London’s Natural History Museum frequently hosts sleepovers for both children and adults, with night long entertainment, full meals, movie marathons, bars, and, of course, optional insect munchies.

Burgers, Baby!
What better way to get the best burger than to go to the birthplace of the burger and the hamburger bun, the United States. The only thing the tourist has to worry about is – where? So many cities boast incredible burgers – New York, Chicago, Austin. Las Vegas’ Burger Bar or Kuma’s Corner in Chicago may both satisfy your beef craving. Whether its New Orleans, Los Angeles, or even Boise, Idaho, some places will get it wrong. But so many more will get it very, very right.

bodnant garden national trust conwy wales
bodnant garden national trust conwy wales

Brand New
Surf Snowdonia, Wales
New to the mountainous region of Snowdonia, Wales, is a surf attraction for both novices and experts to enjoy. Boasting a large 300 meters, the man made machine uses rainwater as a means of water conservation, and also accommodates beginners by changing the speeds and heights of the waves.

For the Survivalist in You
Bear Grylls’ Survival Academy
If seeing Bear Grylls put himself through torturous and often disgusting lengths to survive wasn’t enough, insane survivalists can put their own tenacity to the test at Bear Grylls’ Survival Academy. There are several of these academies around the globe, with intense survival programs you endure alongside nine other people, under the supervision of instructors picked by Grylls himself.

Polar Explorer’s North Pole Expedition
Facing the bitter colds, harsh winds, and bleak landscape is a worthy test of any self-proclaimed survivalist, and an expedition through the North Pole offers just that. The Polar Explorers is a company that offers expert-supervised polar treks, anywhere from five days to over sixty for the real athletes.

If You Want to Elope…
Sierra Nevada, USA
Slightly more glamorous than the cliche of Vegas elopements, Sierra Nevada offers a much more scenic option for your shotgun wedding, with gorgeous Lake Tahoe, beautiful public parks, and picturesque Emerald bay to serve as the backdrop to impromptu nuptials.
It’s the cool Nevada wedding place.

Gretna Green, Scotland
Gretna Green, Scotland

Gretna Green, Scotland, UK
Essentially the Vegas of Scotland, Gretna Green was a famous location for very young couples to marry, especially after Parliament raised the age of permitted marriage to 21. Lovebirds as young as thirteen would flock to this quiet village to marry in the Blacksmith’s Shop. Today this tradition continues, and hundreds of couples follow in the footsteps of love.
It’s a very unique tourist destination that you’ll be able to share with other travelers for decades.

Most Bang for Your Budget
East Africa
The idea of travel to Africa is somewhat muddied by images of starving children, Ebola, and corruption scandals. This, however, doesn’t even come close to the scenes of wonder, beauty, and wildlife that East Africa can offer.
From budget hostels to great hotels, tourists save a lot of money on vacations and still have the wonders of the region to experience. East Africa offers gorilla explorations, safaris, beach side treats, and gorgeous views of the Rift Valley.

Quebec, Canada
If you’re a fan of a snow-covered hill-scape set in a horizon of timeless architecture and classic cobblestone roads, Quebec offers all of those things and more.
With most things within walking distance, it’s easy to lose yourself in an old-world feel – bistros on the corners and cobblestone roads hiccuping under your feet as you walk beneath the shadows of Franophonic architecture. The Wiki on Quebec is pretty interesting as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quebec

Great place, with even better people.