January 17, 2016

Packing And Travel Tips for Air Travel

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Before you get on that flight, there are some important air travel tips you should keep in mind. Below, we have packing tips for air travel, flying tips, and planning tips for traveling on a plane.

Packing And Travel Tips for Air Travel

Air Travel Tips
Air Travel Tips

Stash Samples – Take advantage of those freebie offers throughout the year and save them up for your next trip. The samples normally come in a smaller bottle, which will fit perfectly inside your suitcase. Places such as Kiehls and Sephora have a tendency to give away three free samples with their online orders.

Buy a Unique Suitcase – Many people have a tendency to use ribbons and bows in order to make their suitcase stand out from the crowd. However, the problem with this is they have a tendency to be ripped off during the transporting process. Instead of using ribbons and bows, buy a suitcase that is a unique color, such as bright red or bright blue.

Pack Electronics in a Single Layer – When people toss their electronics in their suitcase without thinking, it gets all jumbled up together. This makes it hard to determine what is inside the suitcase when it goes through the X-ray machine. In order to lower your chances of having to go through a manual inspection, pack all of your electronics in a single layer.

Bring Your Own Blanket and Don’t Forget the Disinfecting Wipes – Unfortunately, those tray tables are hardly ever cleaned, so take your own disinfecting wipes with you so that you can use them. Also, instead of using the pillows and blankets on the plane, bring your own to use as they are generally only washed when they “look” dirty.

Canal D'amour beach,Corfu island, Greece
Canal D’amour beach,Corfu island, Greece

Tips for Flying on a the Plane

Keep Your In-Flight Necessities Where You Can Get to Them – While boarding, you decide you want a book, a piece of gum, or a snack. As you’re looking for these necessities, you block the aisle, causing a delay. Pack your small must-haves in a gallon-size bag that you can use as you put away everything else.

Don’t Forget the Car Seat – Car seats aren’t just for the car – they can be used in planes as well. Not only do they help keep the child safe, they also help them stay calmer, since they are used to being in them.

Call Customer Service – If you have missed a flight, standing in line to rebook with the gate agent can take a lot of time. Instead, pick up your cell phone and call the customer service number (this is a great way to speak with someone faster).

Planning Tips for Air Travel

When Buying Your Ticket – Make sure you buy the ticket under the exact name that appears on your ID. Yes, “Betsy” may be a nickname for “Elizabeth,” but it may not appear this way to a desk agent, security officer, or anyone who may check your ID before you board the plane.

Foreign Document Requirements – Some countries, like Kenya, Russia, and India require each individual to have a visa before they enter. Others, like South Africa, will only allow you to enter if you have a traveler’s passport that contains at least two blank pages that are un-stamped. Before making your flight reservations, you need to be aware of these requirements.

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